Kamis, 27 Agustus 2015

Grunge Is Not A Trend

Hai guys! What's up?
I miss blogging so much! Sorry I left, it's a connection problem for sho;(

Okay! Now I'm going to share about the recent outfit I wore. It's grungy kinda mood.

Grunge style is not sumthing that you find difficult to mix and match. It's just sumthing messy that yourself find it cool to wear.

I love wearing a long skirt somehow, my mother once told me that I look like an elder. But when everybody said that I look cool, my mother changed her opinion and said that look cool too. Well, that's my mother hahaha

Btw, I just knew that my bestfriend got a tattoo! AAA I really want one for btchs sake! Well, that's not going to happen, my mom going to kill me right away if she see me got one haha

See y'all later alligator! GRUNGE RULES!